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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions For Domestic Travel Australia Wide

KCR Pet Transport understands that everyone’s pet needs are different so call 1300 766 992 and our friendly staff will help you every step of the way to get your pet to their destination.

KCR Pet Transport will provide you with an Airline Approved Travel Crate that you can Hire for a one-off journey for your pet or Purchase for you to use every time your pet needs to travel. We also accept bookings where can also provide your own crate but it must be Airline Approved, in good condition held together with nuts and bolts and crates cannot have wheels.

All pets must be able to comfortably stand up, turn around and lay down in there crate. The Airline will refuse to travel your pet if it can't comfortably do this in the chosen size crate.

The maximum weight allowed on any Virgin Australia Flight is 64kg including the weight of the crate. Other weight limits for each crate can be found on the Pet Travel Advice menu. 

For your pet’s safety no items are allowed in the crate other than a blanket and or soft toy. If your pet soils their crate during any part of the travel these items may be removed and disposed of.

We can tape paperwork to the crate if you like but we advise you to mail it to avoid it getting wet or becoming detached from the crate in transit.

We advise you to not feed your pet for at least 6 hours prior to travel to avoid travel sickness. Also, if your pet soils their crate the airline could remove your pet from the flight.

NO. Sedating your pet can cause health risks during flight. Your pet will be assessed by the Airline prior to travel to make sure it is not sick or injured and sedating your pet will interfere with this process.

Once your pet is dropped off at the airport an hour and a half before the flight the friendly airline staff will check you pet in for its flight and then your pet will go to a special pet holding area. When boarding the flight commences your pet is taken to a pressurised cabin and secured into position for your pet’s safety. The Captain is aware of all animals on board and when the flight has landed all animals are offloaded first and taken to the cargo area. Your pet will be ready for pick up between 30 – 60 minutes after the flight has landed.

If your pet’s connecting flight is immediate the airline will check that your pet travelling well and given water if needed. If your pet has a long lay over between connecting flights KCR Pet Transport will give your pet a comfort stop where your pet will be taken out of its crate and walked, toileted and cared for until it needs to be re-lodged for it's connecting flight.

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