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Prepare Pet For Travel

Prepare Pet For Travel

What can you do to prepare your pet for travel?

  • Familiarise your pet with travelling in the car in a travel crate.
  • Ensure your pet has been well hydrated 48 hrs prior to flying.
  • Feed your pet a light meal no less than 8 hrs prior to flight.
  • Include a favourite toy/blanket with a familiar scent to comfort your pet.
  • DO NOT sedate your pet unless specifically recommended by your vet.
  • Avoid coats and accessories on your pet, instead attach to outside of crate.
  • Ensure your pet has been taken for a walk to stretch its legs and empty out prior to be lodged in the crate.
  • Provide a mobile contact number so KCR can keep you updated throughout the journey
  • Ensure your pets vaccination, flea treatment and worming are up to date.



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