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Quarantine Release

Quarantine Release

KCR can collect your pet after its compulsory 10 day stay at the Quarantine facility in Donnybrook, Melbourne. 

We will help you to communicate with PEQ services to make a release appointment, we will collect your pet/s and lodge them on a domestic flight for you to either collect at your closest airport or we can organise a delivery to your residence. 

As Pet Transporters we are entitled to collect at an earlier time slot then general public, therefore we endeavor to get your pet on the earliest possible flight to his/her home. 

 KCR Pet Transport understand that Quarantine are open 364 days of the year(every day except Christmas day) and we will collect your pet no matter the day of the week. 

Prices vary depending on day of release and crate size your pet travels to Australia in. 

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